Teach Overseas As A Career Stepping Stone

Teaching abroad is a wonderful and challenging experience that many educators take advantage of in order to broaden their cultural horizons and immerse themselves in a foreign culture, but it has other advantages as well. While many teachers eventually return to the United States to continue their careers, others find that they love their new locale so much they opt to continue to teach in their adoptive country. For others, there are a variety of other career opportunities available that they can take advantage of. Some educators teach overseas as a stepping stone to a high-powered corporate position, government role or diplomatic post.
The Many Career Benefits Of Overseas Education Jobs
Why are these teachers in such high demand by international businesses? Because they've acquired a very specific set of skills that make them ideal employees for branch offices in other countries, including:
Cultural awareness. Sensitivity to the moral and social mores of another country is critical to successfully conducting business.
Local awareness. Educators become intimately aware of their surroundings and are able to navigate the confusing streets of their new city quickly and safely, and instruct other expatriates how to do the same.
Language fluency. No one can speak a foreign language as fluently as a native speaker, but individuals who have been immersed in a particular language for months at a time come in a close second.
Diplomacy. Experienced teachers have navigated the complexities of a new language, new rules and regulations for teaching and the political wilderness of international school systems, and can teach those skills to individuals in the business and diplomatic worlds.
Overseas Career Opportunities Abound If You Like To Teach
What kinds of genuine job opportunities are available for instructors who have lived overseas? The most obvious is often a position within the organization they've been teaching for. Once the initial contract is over, the hiring company or school system may ask you to stay on in an advisory capacity or to teach others how to instruct students in foreign school systems. International businesses often hire teachers to teach their employees who aren't yet fluent in a foreign language but who need to be able to navigate their way through business deals with international clients or companies.
Cultural exchange programs often hire educators to be facilitators or contact points for students who are studying abroad. And the tourism industries in various countries often hire United States citizens who can successfully lead, educate and entertain foreign tourists in two or more languages. Government organizations such as the United Nations always need experienced individuals to represent them in foreign ports as translators, cultural liaisons and more.
Don't forget that there are thousands of Americans living and working overseas who need a nanny or au pair to assist with child care and early education. Individuals working for these high-powered executives and their families often become a part of the family who are able to take advantage of many opportunities to travel to surrounding countries on vacations and take advantage of other personal perks.
Whether you want to continue to teach indefinitely or you're looking for a way to improve your international resume, teaching in foreign countries is a great way to get started.
Many AIDC educators teach in Abu Dhabi before moving on to exciting opportunities with international companies in the United Arab Emirates and other prosperous Middle Eastern countries. To discover current opportunities, visit the AIDC website.

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