Success in online business or MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

Online business or internet business that is Referred to is a business Whose activities are making an effort through the internet by using the blog as a medium to promote it. In the online business work from home there is a term meaning the user can work at home and make money with an uncertain time.
However, not all online businesses on the internet is good, there are some businesses that are investing money leads to fraud. This case, the user must learn before doing so to avoid unwanted scams. Online business can be selling clothes, watches, drugs, and other electronic and there is also a form of investment money.
1 WHO We as people run businesses do not despair, still determined to get the results we want. For example, we invested money with programs or follow us into the world of online business that is definitely in a profit sharing every month without doing any activity.


MLM (Multi Level Marketing)
MLM is a business activity or marketing of a product that is made ​​through many tiers or levels, the the which is Often Referred to as up-line (the top level) and down-line (lower level). This business systems using a network or networking. Up Where the line should be looking down the line as much as possible in order to get the double bonus of course.
There are some specific tips in choosing a good MLM business, Including:
1 MLM company we choose should that have been incorporated in the DSA (Direct Selling Association of Indonesia), the the which is an association that embodies various MLM companies in Indonesia.
2 If you want to Become a regular customer, choose a company that not only offers the same goods and services, but choose one that has a variety of goods and services offered.
3 Choose the company that its distributors have success system to be successful, in the the which the system should have been tested and proven to be Able to print a lot of people Become successful.
4 To demonstrate an MLM company was bona fide or not at least we could see it from the company that has been accepted in a rational system of business what not.


Business Offline
Offline business is a small business Whose activities are selling goods or services to customers by way of home selling home (sales), in one way or stores to sell wholesale, example: selling clothes, open food stalls, craft business. However, offline business is more Difficult to penetrate the international market Because this business is not using the Internet (Online).
Sometimes the way people prefer to shop online than offline, Because if we could buy offline by naked eye or physical, for example: we want to buy a shirt in the market we can hold the item and feel of the material and the method of payment (transaction) is Easier Because It meets directly with the seller. Well, if online shopping is more complicated in ordering goods and also the method of payment, for example: we want to buy a watch online, but there is a saying CAREFULLY BEFORE BUYING means when we buy watches should first be Examined Whether the goods are defective or in good condition, well this is one of the weaknesses of online business we can not know what it's like when the goods are sent, it is not all online business services such as this, there is a very good service there is also a disappointing dam ministry. For example: perhaps from the seller that the goods are still in good condition, while shipments to the destination we do not know, he wrote could have an accident or other incident. Then, more complicated ways of online payment for using an atm where we have new in transferring some money to send the goods, it also spurred the emergence of an increasingly rampant fraud in our country.
As an example of an offline business items items, namely: Wholesale Center Tanah Abang Block A, here are many sellers try to wholesale WHO world to start a business, if the market conditions in good condition, then the turnover is very promising that in can also Among the Hundreds of millions of dollars to billions of dollars. Thus Spake, offline and online business is not much to differentiate in terms of profit, Depending on the businessman was in business is like, the most important business for beginners fast do not despair, Because ANY FAILURE IS KEY TO OUR SUCCESS later.

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