Careers In Moving and Storage

The idea that a child's first career choice was to be just like dad has changed significantly in the last fifty to one hundred years. Following dad was once so pervasive, family names carried on the generational adoption of the family business. Family names like Cooper, Hunter, Miller and Smith grew directly from what dad did for a living. Now, they are just names. Cooper and Hunter may be a doctor and a teacher; Miller is a bank teller. Smith may be a small town blacksmith, but he is more likely to be a moving packer/loader.
How did Jerry Smith become a packer/loader? Did he have an education in that field? Does he have continuing education possibilities? Does he have advancement possibilities? According to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), the answers are:
1. Does it matter? He may have sought the job, or maybe he just drifted into it. What now matters are answers to the last two questions:
2, if not when he took the job, he does, now;
3, yes, and because of that, the answer to 4 is also yes.
The AMSA offers certification programs dedicated to the industry for Certified Packer/Loader (Jerry may want to stay where he is, but become certified in his skill set); Certified Office and Industrial Consultant (Jerry may want to elevate his career to the office in support of costing and estimating, or he may want to eventually earn a management role); or Certified Moving Consultant (he may want to qualify in sales or claims); Registered International Mover (Jerry could qualify to work in development of industry standards and regulations, continuous improvement in customer service, or minimize variation in standards applications in international moving and storage.
Jerry may also want to enhance his continuing education in the industry by taking advantage of non-certified training that is, never the less, beneficial to his success and advancement, by annual conferences and a leaders program.
ASMA offers frequent online webinars and regional training workshops where hands-on education in proven industry techniques and new developments are taught to enhance Jerry's performance whether he wants to remain a packer/loader or advance to other positions and functions in the industry.
Annual conferences are conducted twice each year in the spring and fall. These cover industry-specific education seminars and new developments in safety and operations.
A Leaders Program is available to Jerry to develop the essential skills of analytical thinking and industry benchmarking to jump-start his career objective in middle to executive management. Leadership needs new blood and that blood is best developed by encouraging young, career-minded workers in the industry to enhance their skills and develop abilities of creative, out-of-the-box solutions to current and future industry challenges. Wise, current leadership knows that the people who know best about the nuts and bolts of the industry are the people who work the nuts and bolts. Their input and their ability to train for advancement will assure the continuous improvement of the industry.
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