Asking the Right Questions Before Signing That Acceptance Letter

Most individuals looking for newer and more progressive job opportunities for months or even years are highly unlikely to spend time assessing the offer letter before they sign it. For many, considering the current market for jobs in America it is believable that you may not have the luxury to turn down an offer that comes your way.
However, for those who can, make sure you have answers to the following questions before you accept any offer.
  1. How healthy are the Finances of the Organization you will be joining?
Especially taking into consideration all the layoffs that have taken place for jobs in USA, the last thing you want to do is get yourself in a situation where your job will be at risk within a few months. Make sure you have performed a comprehensive research on the financial stability of the organization and their long term plans.
  1. Where will you be posted? Are there chances of being transferred?
Handing a 90 minute commute each way isn't everyone's cup of tea. Check with your company if there are chances that they may transfer you to a different location in a few months; also asses how this will influence your work-life balance.
  1. Do you think you can blend into the Organization's Structure and Culture?
If your personal working style is independent and the company you work with consists of a myriad of small teams, chances are that you will be miserable within the first few months into your work. To avoid the need to get back in the US jobs market make sure you are familiar with the organizational structure and culture of the companies you interview with.
  1. Get to Know your Boss
Many studies have suggested that a large number of people leave their jobs because of difficult bosses and not because of the type of job or pay. While it is not always possible to get an intimate idea on the person you will be working under when you interview, you should try your best to get to know him or her before you accept a position. Observe the approach of other employees when you visit an office during your interviews. Do they seem generally happy or stressed out?
  1. What are the expectations of the Organization for this role?
What does the company expect out of you? Are you going to be expected to turn around a failing product within a few weeks or are you going to forced to solve a decade worth of problems? During your interview and all proceeding meetings, make sure you are not making any promises you cannot deliver.
It is also important for you assess the benefits the company will be providing. Consider factors such as paid vacations, health insurance, flexible hours, on-site child care facilities and other amenities that make your work-life balance a stress free one.
Also take into consideration how accepting this particular role will help you advance your career overall. Look beyond the paycheck and ensure long-term professional sustainability.
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