Career Success - The Top 4 Critical Success Factors

There are many critical success factors to determine your career success, but these are the top four with the most important being your attitude.
1. Attitude
Have you got the right attitude to ensure career success? With the right attitude you will not only know what you want to do; where your career is going and when, but just as importantly you will be prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure your career success.
Know your market worth and at the appropriate times discuss precisely what you have to offer in very specific terms. Do you know how to do this? The most common failure amongst interview candidates is to believe that their track record "speaks for itself". But, when you have got that certain piece of expert knowledge or bit of experience that others haven't got, it can make all the difference. Take time to sort out your unique difference, then you can talk confidently.
Clearly understand your contribution to previous and future employers based on your achievements. Learn to quantify exactly what difference you made in terms of added value, cost savings or extra revenue. It's too easy to think because you were part of a successful business your contribution was automatically good. Find ways to differentiate yourself.
Maintain your motivation and persistence which will pay off eventually. Even though you consider yourself to be absolutely the right person for the job which has "your name written all over it" you may still be turned down. Get some feedback and discover in which areas you didn't make the grade.
Do what's needed even if it doesn't work first time. Pick yourself up and carry on, learning from your mistakes.
Support others so that you build your network of contacts. If you give something of yourself to others while they are pushing ahead with their careers you can be sure the compliment will be returned.
2. Negotiating Skill
Negotiating when there seems to be a lot at stake can be daunting for the most experienced people; when it comes to negotiating the salary and package for the job you really want, it can seem impossible, but negotiating well is my second critical success factor for career success and can make the difference between a positive and a negative outcome.
You must learn to:
o Have confidence in yourself and what you "bring to the party";
o Know what you want and need so you can focus on the job;
o Recognize the benefits of negotiating well;
o Look for a win / win for both parties which will bring lasting commitment.
Get all this right and you will be satisfied with the outcome. Get it wrong and you may feel as if you have been taken advantage of; this is not the best way to start any new job.
3. Networking for Results
All the statistics point to the fact that more than half of all job changes will occur because of an informal contact. This means that more than half of your time spent looking for career success should be spent on this technique.
Too many people think that networking is just about swapping business cards at conferences - WRONG.
What it really involves is the ability and commitment to talking regularly with your contacts to keep abreast of news in "their" world. If you don't already do this, you must put in some effort now and get back into the swim.
4. Measuring Your Impact
The fourth critical success factor for your career success is the ability to measure your impact. What effect do you have on others? To be sure you use this factor to ensure your career success you must regularly:
o Seek feedback regarding your performance;
o Embrace the feedback and aim to improve your performance;
o Maintain contact with professionals in your field to know the value of your skills;
o Keep Your CV up to date, well-organized and reflecting the accomplishments of your career;
o Gain experience of how others might see you (via your network or job application);
o Be ready and prepared to negotiate a job move should you want to.
Apply these critical success factors and determine your own career success.
Peter Fisher is an expert Author and Publisher. He coaches and writes for people undergoing career change. Everything from deciding what you want to do and how to do it, by way of personal presentation to interview questions and answers are covered on the main website at where you will also find everything you need for your career success.

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