Janitorial Responsibilities for Commercial Industries

Everyone has seen a janitor custodian in their lifetime. They see them cleaning, mopping, taking out the garbage, and more; however, this is not the true responsibilities of a janitorial staff. Custodial work is much more involved and complex than the average public seems to think. Becoming a janitor in the commercial cleaning business is an actual vocation that pays well, offers benefits, and requires professional instruction, training, and qualifications to be hired within the industry. Continue reading and get to know the concrete responsibilities of a custodial staff, and what it takes to become a janitor for commercial businesses.
Custodial Training and Qualifications
To become a janitor for a commercial cleaning company, one must first complete a demanding training course, as well as, pass a number of written exams to qualify as a potential candidate in the industry. These exams and training courses include every topic of custodial work; from chemical safety, to customer service. Janitors take on a huge responsibility when on the clock at a certain commercial business. This is because they are trusted to perform adequately and honestly while no one else is around. Custodial services are usually implemented during after-hours, which means janitors are trusted to demonstrate infinite honesty and integrity while on the clock. This is why background checks and other similar investigations are facilitated during the hiring process for a custodial technician. It is important for the employer to know they have a janitorial staff the displays the highest degree of professionalism, decency, and morality on the job.
Janitorial Duties
When it comes to the actual duties and responsibilities of a janitor, there is more to the story than mopping, dusting, and trash removal. These are simply the little tasks that custodians implement. There are many more complex duties janitors are required to perform on a daily basis. This is why custodians must be highly trained and meticulously chosen as employees of a commercial cleaning business. Tasks such as commercial kitchen cleaning, chemical use, water damage restorations, hygienic cleaning, and more are all various responsibilities they facilitate. Commercial janitors must be trained on how to care for different flooring types; such as basketball courts, Terrazzo Flooring, specialty carpeting, hardwood floors, laminate flooring, and even concrete platforms. All individual flooring requires a special cleaning agenda and process. This is one area they are extensively trained in to ensure proper care and maintenance.
Other duties of commercial cleaning staffs commonly include construction site cleanups, "green" cleaning, recycling, grout and tile cleaning, power washing, pressure washing, parking lot maintenance, building exteriors, sidewalks, tracks, building equipment, and more. They are also expected to perform handyman duties; such as lock replacements, repairs, restorations, light bulbs, faucets, fixtures, appliances, and more. They are also extensively trained on how to repair their own cleaning equipment, like carpet cleaners and floor buffers.
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