Best and Worst Careers in Buffalo

Buffalo, New York is said to be going uphill as far as employment opportunity is concerned. There are several highly professional careers that can be pursued in Buffalo. There are many Buffalo careers that are still in demand if your meet the requirements.

Medical careers right now are the best Buffalo careers to try to get into. A registered nurse is right on top of the list for the best career in Buffalo. Medical and health service managers are also very much in demand as some of the best careers in Buffalo. If you get a career such as this in Buffalo, your salary could be well over $95,000 depending upon your past experience in this field.

The highest paying careers in Buffalo in the medical profession range from dentistry to psychiatry with earnings that could top $200,000 per year.

Getting a great career in Buffalo could also mean finding it in one of the many colleges and universities located in the area. There are actually seven times more university professors located in Buffalo than in most other large cities in the United States. The average college educator can earn at least $75,000 or more per year. The more experience in education that you have, the higher your salary will start out. You can also take advantage of a baking career with the many baking schools available in Buffalo.

High tech firms and business services have added many jobs over the recent years that has opened up career opportunities in Buffalo. Thousands of new jobs have been created by these companies.

There are also Buffalo careers that are considered the worst in the city. One example of a bad career in Buffalo is a retail career. Even if you want to work in retail to help get you some income to continue with school, it's still very difficult to get such a job. You will find if you apply at many retail stores either online or in person that you won't ever get a call. This is true even if the store has a "help wanted" sign in the front window. Another career that is hard to get in Buffalo is a pizza place or a fast food restaurant. Buffalo seems to require new applicants to have experience in these positions before they will hire. However, there are many such restaurants in other cities who will be happy to hire someone and train them to do the work.

The economy changes all the time, and this career information can also change in just a few months. The best idea is to find out the best choices when and if you would decide to relocate to Buffalo.

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