Social Worker Career

Have you ever seen a beggar who wore worn out clothes, smelt very stinking and was picking up leftover food to fill up his starving stomach from an extremely dirty and smelly dump area where you rarely pass by? Have you ever known a family with violence problems? The drunken husband is always going to bars and casinos. He then comes home to hit his poor innocent wife and children in order to get more and more money again and again. He does not care about the family at all and in his mind is all about wine and gambling. Have you heard a group of young gangsters hijacking a brand new sport car and driving crazily by hitting and destroying public infrastructure until the gas had been run out of? They intended to put the car on fire but fortunately the car owner and police arrived on time.

A premature boy always plays truant to join his gangster brothers to fight another group of gangsters so that they could collect private security fees and control that area, without any knowledge of his parents at all. An old lady used her young grandson's toy gun to rub a bank because she was neglected by her children who spent most of their time making money, and ended up in jail.

These countless social disorder and abnormalities make our world an unpleasant place to live. We know these existing matters, but who is willing to help and care about these? All of these factors contribute the idea of a social worker as a professional to improve and enhance a harmonious and happy living environment to the world. Social worker is considered as one of the most generous professions in the world.

Social work was in fact originated since the beginning of the human ancient civilization because the human have a nature of pity and willingness to help other from their instinct. If we realize other are in troubles, we would naturally want to assist. This instinct is passed by one generation to anther in our genre endlessly. At first social work is by means of individual or group of individuals who were very wealthy and willing to donate their personal property and money to improve the poor€™s life, and then later volunteers were introduced. They were willing to spend some time to help the work of the poor people without collecting any money. Most volunteers were church missionaries due to religion beliefs. However, the emergence of social worker was introduced by Academic SimonN.Patten in 1900. These workers were not considered as professionals since they weren't specially trained and educated. They did not work for money and they spent only some time for related tasks. The force was fulfilled the need of the poor people in that time.
However, along with rapid development of human society, people were not hungry for just materials, but he also desired for comforting and solving the problems of their minds. While social problems developed more and more complicated, the help from personal and group of individuals did not fulfill the hunger of more materials and mind cure in the revolution of society. All these factors contribute the ideal of social worker becoming real professionals. These professionals are required not only to solve the surface of the problems, but also to find the origin of problems, and prevent problems happen. The idea of making these workers real professionals were introduced in western countries in late nth and early nth century.

Social worker is a trained and experienced professional whose job is to increase the quality of life, solve the social problems such as violence in the families and communities, drugs addiction or alcoholism, child abuse, human trafficking, racism in the communities, poor living conditions, health problems, and gambling addiction etc, so that our society is good to live, harmonious, and perfect. Everyone will live a more comfortable and happy life.

Social worker contributes really a lot to our society. He or she helps adopted children to find better families to live. He or she assists poor families to find ways of making money. They prevent young wife and her children from being hit by her cruel and drunken husband by persuading, comforting or warning. In case the husband is still the same and acts more badly. They could help applying support and protection from the local authority to the victims. He or she guides and makes naughty young teenagers not to play truant by directly cooperating with their teachers, parents and the students themselves. After being educated, the students in most cases perform normal levels of study, personal knowledge, and behavior as other. If there are special students either physically or mentally handicapped, the social worker will cope with special teachers to help the kids to get as best as they could. There are a lot of handicapped people around the world could live happily as ordinary people through this help. He or she educates the community about heath, and self-protection in case of natural disasters. They seek for public donation for the homeless, the abandoned children and isolated old people. Some of them walk homes by homes to collect donation from generous people. This action is repeated endlessly. Although it is a difficult task, they still always put their smiles on since in their heart, their clients are as important as their relatives and families. They are keen to see the children's growth from children to adults and from adults to good citizens. They also cooperate with NGO either nationally or internationally to obtain funds to improve the communities.

Social work is a task to help other for a joy. If we say a doctor's main job is to cure people's physical or mental diseases, social worker's main task is to help those who meet problems and difficulties in lives. Unselfishness and willingness to find solutions of social problems is the best description of the career, making it the most admirable job in human modern civilization and a must profession in the society.

Social work is a professional. No matter who their clients are, either is a person or group of people it requires social work professional knowledge and skills in order to deal with their clients and find the best way solutions. Therefore the profession requires at least a bachelor degree and for some senior posts requires at least master degree.

Being a social worker requires good work ethic. No matter who their clients are, social worker will cope with them all to find solutions to their problems. He or she should improve their clients' lives and not spoil them for money. He or she needs also be knowledgeable about local communities' law, culture and customs in order to find the best ways for their customers to be accepted by the communities. The job is also supposed to have abilities to play different kinds of roles. Their roles could be direct or indirect problems solvers, and social rule directors etc. They need abilities to communicate and deal with all related personnel. They also need to have really good relationship with their clients to make the services work. He or she needs to process abilities to critical thinking and creativity to solve the social problems.

Social worker works the hardest but earns only moderately if comparing to other professionals. They work from Monday to Friday normally but most of time they are supposed to continue work at weekends when it is required. Most of them travel a lot either going to meet clients or for job related task such as meetings, seminars, educational programs, or seeking for donations. They spend more time with their clients than with their families. They regard their clients as their relatives and friends. They consider helping others as the main goal of the profession, not the salary. The average social worker salary is supposed to reach 53000$ a year in USA. The highest paid salary is expected to receive 65000$ a year. If we compare it to other normal professions, it is only moderate.

All in all, social worker means a lot to our society and the world. They are working hard and endlessly to cure our society problems. They are like candles which burn themselves and give light to us. Who could deny it is not one of the kindest jobs in the world?

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